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The Last Piece Of Chocolate You Eat Is The Best, Says Study

17 Mar

Buy Bulk Hershey Kisses Online at Moo-Lolly-Bar AustraliaA new study published in the journal Psychological Science reveals that the last bite of chocolate you eat will probably taste the best.

The study, authored by Ed O’Brien and Phoebe C. Ellsworth of the University of Michigan, piggybacked off previous studies about salient endings. One forerunner had demonstrated that students felt greater affection for their school when reminded about graduation than students not reminded of graduation. The authors explain, in relation to food:

Imagine that your favorite restaurant is closing, and you final meal tastes especially delicious. Is it actually more tasty than normal, or is it just more enjoyable because you know it is the last one?

To test the hypothesis, 52 students were recruited for a supposed taste test of new Hershey’s Kisses. They were given five chocolates: milk, dark, creme, caramel and almond. Before they were given the fifth chocolate, some participants were told by the experimenter “Here is your next chocolate.” The other participants were told “Here is your last chocolate.”

Participants in the “last” condition rated the fifth chocolate more enjoyable, and liked that chocolate more than any other chocolate. Based on these results, it seems that if you think something is the last, you’ll tend to like it the best. But now this study begs the question — if you were to eat dessert first, would it taste less good?

Source: Laboratory Equipment

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Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates is Teaming up with Hasbro to Bring Sweet Memories to Family Game Night

5 May

Hershey Kisses. Available to buy online in Australia from http://www.moolollybar.com.au. Just click on this photo to go there!Roll the dice, grab your Hershey®’s Kisses® Chocolates and “Pass GO!” The iconic silver-wrapped chocolate brings added excitement to the Family Game Night experience and helps families create life-long memories. The Hershey’s Kisses Share Sweet Moments of Family Fun™ promotion is giving families the chance to win thousands of prizes, including a $10,000 family room makeover as well as favorite Hasbro games like MONOPOLY, TWISTER or SORRY! and bags of Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates to help sweeten the fun. As part of the promotion, family activities expert and Family Adventure Mom Deb Geigis Berry will share ideas to create even more sweet moments of fun at your next Family Game Night.

“Family Game Night is a fun and interactive way to encourage your kids to turn off the television and spend quality time together as a family,” said Berry. “Everyone loves Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates and incorporating the iconic candies is a simple way to help make your family’s time together even more special and memorable.”

The Hershey’s Kisses Share Sweet Moments of Family Fun instant-win promotion is giving families the chance to win thousands of prizes including a $10,000 family-room makeover. Now through June 15, 2011, consumers can visit http://www.kissesfamilygamenight.com to enter the online sweepstakes where they are eligible to instantly win prizes. Upon entry, participants receive a “CONGRATULATIONS! You are a WINNER” or “SORRY! You have not won a prize” message. Each time an entrant plays, they will receive one entry into the Grand Prize drawing with one lucky player receiving a variety of Hasbro games and $10,000, which may be used towards a family-room makeover. In addition, 360 winners will receive the first prize of a Hasbro Family Game Night game, 360 second prize winners will receive a Hasbro Family Game Night card game, and 1,440 third prize winners will receive a coupon good for one free 12 oz. bag of Hershey’s Kisses Brand Milk Chocolates.

While online, visitors also have the chance to play an exclusive online version of RATUKI. One of Hasbro’s newest Family Game Night options, RATUKI is a card-slamming frenzy from start to finish. Players build piles of cards from “1” to “5” with the goal of being the first to slam a “5” on the top of the deck, shout “RATUKI!” and be awarded all the cards.

For more information and to enter the Hershey’s Kisses and Hasbro Family Game Night Share Sweet Moments of Family Fun instant-win promotion, visit www.kissesfamilygamenight.com.

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Hershey strikes deal with UK grocers

4 Jan

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The confectionery giant Hershey is to start selling its chocolate in the UK for the first time on a mass scale in Asda and Sainsbury’s next year, in an effort to bite a chunk out of the lucrative European market.

Asda, which is owned by the US retail giant Walmart, will sell a range of Hershey products – including Hershey’s Kisses, the chocolate shaped like flat-bottomed teardrops – in the majority of its UK food stores in the first three months of 2011.

The UK’s second-biggest grocer said it had an “exclusive licence” to sell a range of the products which will be free of the genetically modified ingredients that Hershey uses in the US.

Asda remained tight-lipped on the other Hershey brands, but given the trademarks the US confectioner has listed in the UK, the supermarket is also likely to sell its Mr Goodbar, Hugs and Reese’s Pieces brands.

Sainsbury’s will only sell Hershey’s Kisses in its larger supermarkets from the first quarter of next year. But the grocer currently sells the Reese’s Nutrageous peanut bars made by Hershey.

The UK move by Hershey has raised eyebrows, however, as its distinctive chocolate has often been viewed as at odds with European taste buds.


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As part of its drive to ramp up sales outside of North America, Asia and Latin America, however, Hershey wants to muscle in on the Europe market, which is dominated by Kraft’s Cadbury, Mars, Lindt and Ferrero. Of Hershey’s total revenues of $5.3bn in 2009, only 14 per cent came from Europe. It is also working with Asda’s parent Walmart to introduce its products into other global markets.

Doug McMillon, the head of Walmart’s international division, said: “We believe people will buy [Hershey’s Kisses] without a lot of marketing support if we demo them and let people taste them”.

Hershey set up a European subsidiary in August and it is also seeking to hire a manager for a European and Middle East travel retail arm, who would expand its distribution.

An Asda spokeswoman said: “The range has been exclusively developed for Asda and will be in the majority of stores. We are sure our customers will love them.” Tesco said “no decision has been made” on selling Hershey Products next year but it currently sells Reese’s Cups Rich Peanut Butter products. Morrisons said it currently stocks two Reese’s brands

Founded in 1894 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the company was last year linked to a bid for Cadbury before the British chocolate maker was bought by Kraft for £11.4bn.


Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-BarThe best online chocolate, lolly and confectionery store on the web!

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Source: The Independent


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