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CT Specialty Food Association awards

30 Mar

The CT Specialty Food Association (CSFA) held its eleventh Product Awards Competition March 8 at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville. Specialty food items from Connecticut-based manufacturers were entered into 36 categories, with hopes of receiving the prestigious honor of CSFA Product Award Winner 2012.

Bridgewater Chocolate in Brookfield, Sunset Meadow in Goshen, Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston, and several other area food-makers were included in the recipients of various awards in numerous categories.

A panel of 21 judges including local media personalities, food writers, chefs from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s Farm-to-Chef Program, and wine specialists scored products on overall taste/flavor, consistency/texture, appeal, and color.

Each judge was assigned to specific categories, responsible for evaluating an average of approximately 35 different products.

Categories included breads, cheese, confections, CT Grown, gluten-free, organic, pasta sauces, salad dressings, savory condiments, snack foods, and many others.

The competition also included a variety of wines produced here in Connecticut. All wines were required to contain 100% CT grown fruit.

The wide array of food products featured fresh breads, cheeses, many varieties of sauce, jams, relishes, flavored seeds, oils and vinegars, syrups and much, much more.

“It is always amazing to see the diversity and high quality of the foods and beverages made by producers right here in Connecticut,” said Tricia Levesque, CSFA Director. “This competition showcases the best of the best in the state. Each year we seem to find additional entrepreneurs looking to showcase the outstanding products they produce. Not only are these products perfect for everyday meals and parties, they also make wonderful gifts. There is always something for every member of the family.”

“Purchasing products from Connecticut companies helps to fuel our local economy and create jobs here in our state, which is so important in today’s economy,” Levesque continued. “It really is a win-win for everyone — consumers get the best quality foods available and Connecticut companies stay strong.”

Source: Register Citizen

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Chocolate Shop Sweeps CSFA Competition

27 Mar

Bridgewater Chocolate Shop wins a heap of AwardsBridgewater Chocolate founder Erik Landegren said he never thought he would become a chocolate guru, but his little shop on Federal Road in Brookfield just swept the chocolate category in the Connecticut Specialty Food Association’s 11th annual Products Award Competition.

The Register Citizen in Torrington reported that Bridgewater Chocolate won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in the CSFA’s chocolate category.

A caramel truffle with sea salt won first place. The coconut igloo won second place. And sea salt caramels won third place.

Source: Brookfield Patch

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