Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert’s Launch ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate Bar

15 Nov

The Good & Evil Chocolate Bar

Celebrity chefs Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert have partnered with noted chocolatier Christopher Curtin to produce a new gourmet chocolate bar.

The ‘Good & Evil’ which was officially launched during The New York Chocolate Show has apparently been ‘Inspired by the dynamic friendship of [the] renowned culinary figures’.

Made out of 72% Pure Nacional cacao from Peru, one of the rarest cacao trees on earth, which was initially thought to be extinct for over a century until it was rediscovered growing on small isolated farms within Peru, (the only place in the world where it is found), the chocolate bar features both chocolate (which represent Ripert as the ‘Good’) and cocoa nibs (for Bourdain as the ‘evil’). A high quality product, the chocolate can be bought online from Curtin’s company Éclat Chocolate for a whopping $18 a bar.

But how does it taste?

Well pretty good if the opinion of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Rick Nichols, who described it as an ‘astonishing good chocolate’, is anything to go by.

And how should you eat it?

‘It is best to let a bite linger on the tongue’ he advises before explaining:

‘If you do, the subtle fruitiness emerges, and perhaps a woodsy hit of forest nuts, but very definitely – and differently from the beans just a year before – a bright, enchanting note of dark cherry……It was lush, almost creamy, without a trace of bitterness, or the tart, brittle waxiness that can make high-cacao bars more a chore than an easy pleasure’.


Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar. A true chocoholic, Spencer is also chief editor of Sweet Talk.


Source and Photo: The Huffington Post

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