Woman says she found glass in piece of chocolate

13 Mar

Buy Hershey Chocolate without glass online at Moo-Lolly-Bar!A south Charlotte woman says she bit into a piece of chocolate and found a piece of glass.

Dale Piebes, 62, told WCNC she purchased a bag of dark chocolate almond Hershey nuggets from a Charlotte Food Lion. Sunday afternoon, when she took a bite of one of the chocolate pieces, she says she found a quarter-inch piece of glass.

Piebes contacted Food Lion and The Hershey Company.

On Tuesday, the Food Lion to WCNC the case would be referred to the corporate level.

“It looked and felt like glass. And I believe it’s glass,” said Piebes.

WCNC took the material to a local glass expert, who confirmed it was glass.

“These are breaks consistent with tempered glass and the way it breaks,” said Larry Setzer, who’s been in the glass business for nearly 50 years. He said he was “100 percent” sure the material was glass.

Hershey’s has asked Piebes to send them the material to assess if there’s a wider problem.

The Hershey Company issued WCNC a statement saying they believe it is not a piece of glass, but almond tree sap.

“While almond sap is a very rare occurrence, it is something that sometimes happens with products that contain almonds. Anytime a consumer has a concern about the quality of one of our products, we ask them to return it to us so we can inspect it and determine if there is a production issue that needs to be addressed.”

Source: KVUE News

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