Brookside Foods “Giving Back with Chocolate” Charity Tour Launches in NYC

8 Oct

Brookside Foods, a unique chocolate company, today launched the “Giving Back with Chocolate” U.S. coast-to-coast tour. From October 1 through November 6, Brookside’s team of traveling Super Agents will recognize and reward unsung, hard-working volunteers and organizations that serve others by giving them the gift of chocolate…and much, much more. Throughout the tour, Brookside Super Agents will also surprise consumers who volunteer their time with random acts of kindness – be it picking up their tab for groceries or gas, or stopping by a deserving local charity to make a donation. The tour begins in New York City on Saturday, October 1, 2011 and makes its way across the country with stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as additional stops in markets along the way.

“With our ‘Giving Back with Chocolate’ tour, we are truly on a mission to create a nationwide movement, bestowing rewards to those who deserve it the most, whether it is helping out in their community at large or donating time to a charity,” said Deborah Shork, Director of Marketing, Brookside Foods, Ltd. “A key part of America’s ethos is the dedication to philanthropic causes, and Brookside wants to take a moment and really treat those individuals.”

Throughout the journey, Brookside will be offering samples of their Dark Chocolate Super Fruits product line – real fruit juice pieces dipped in pure dark chocolate, a natural source of flavanol antioxidants. Included will be Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Pomegranate, and new Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry.

Beginning October 1st, consumers can go to and enter the “Giving Back with Chocolate” sweepstakes for the chance to win $15,000 to be donated to the charity of their choice, or to keep as a reward for themselves. They can also share the gift of chocolate with others through the “Giving Back with Chocolate” Facebook application and spark conversation about charity with other consumers who give back through the microsite.

Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar
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Source and Photo: Sacramento Bee

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