The Humane Society of Louisiana Gets a Sweet Deal from Rescue Chocolate

11 Sep

The Humane Society of Louisiana has been named the September 2011 beneficiary for Rescue Chocolate, a chocolate company which donates its profits to various animal rescue organizations.

Based in New Orleans, the Humane Society of Louisiana serves a broad swath of the state. According to a spokesperson at the Society, “More than 50% of Louisiana’s communities are without any viable animal shelters or pet rescue programs.” While the Society does not run its own animal shelter, it coordinates animal welfare chapters in 14 separate districts. These all-volunteer groups focus on a variety of programs, from cruelty investigations to pet adoptions, and from school education initiatives to spaying/neutering the animals.

The mission unifying all of the groups is to protect and defend animals from cruelty, neglect and mistreatment, promoting nonviolence and compassion for all animals statewide.

Rescue Chocolate founder Sarah Gross was raised in Shreveport. But until now, she has not partnered with any other animal welfare groups in her home state. Past beneficiaries include In Defense of Animals, The No-Kill Advocacy Center, Farm Sanctuary, and Furry Friends Rescue.

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“I know the need is great in the South, and I’m really in awe of all the great work being done down there,” Gross said. “It’s gratifying to be able to help out in my small way.” She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where the Rescue Chocolate factory is located.

Gross’s company offers a product line of kosher and vegan chocolate bars and truffles. Each flavor is named after an issue important in the animal rescue world. For example, there are bars called Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Pick Me! Pepper, Foster-iffic Peppermint, The Fix, and Mission Feral Fig.

She cautions that while sales ultimately benefit the animals, her chocolate products are only for human consumption.

The chocolate company was founded in January 2010. Products are sold in retail outlets around the country as well as online. To learn more about Rescue Chocolate or to order products benefiting the Humane Society of Louisiana, visit For more information on the Humane Society, visit

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