Antidote® Organic Chocolate Bars

23 Aug

Antidote® Organic Chocolate BarsAntidote® introduced range of chocolate bars made with a 50/50 blend of raw, roasted organic cocoa. Antidote’s chocolate bars range from 77- to 84-percent cocoa. The chocolate itself, made from cacao “Arriba Nacional” from farms in the Ecuadorian Amazon, have a floral and fruity aroma. The flavors are an original composition of sweet and savory notes through spices, flowers, fruits and nuts.

The product line includes:

– Gaia Essential (84% cocoa): Smooth texture and round floral and nutty notes with a bold balanced flavor.

– Aletheia Ginger + Gooseberry (84% cocoa): A fusion of sweet citrus flavor from gooseberry pieces with a hint of spice.

– Panakeia Lavender + Red Salt (84% cocoa): Earthy red alaea sea salt from Hawaii complemented with French lavender flowers.

– Hybris Mango + Juniper (84% cocoa): Liquorish and smoky juniper berries merged with sun-ripened mango pieces in extra dark chocolate with a bold flavor.

– Kakia Red Flower + Berry (77% cocoa): Red hibiscus flowers and Andean wild blueberries create crunchy citrus flavors.

– Hebe Lemon Salt (77% cocoa): Lemon-infused salt sprinkled on dark chocolate.

– Hestia Banana + Cayenne (77% cocoa): Balanced medium heat of cayenne pepper with sweet Ecuadorian bananas dried to a soft bite.

– Artemis Almond + Fennel (77% cocoa): Crunchy almonds complemented by bold, savory liquorish sweet fennel flavor.

Each bar is organic, vegan, gluten-free and sustainably sourced in the county of cacao origin, Ecuador. They are available in 2.3 oz. sizes.

Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar
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Source: Natural Products Marketplace

Photo: Antidote

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