Lollipipe candy creating sour mood in Washington State

21 Aug

A controversial candy called the Lollipipe is creating a sour mood in the state of Washington. Even though it’s made of candy, it can actually be used as a real pipe.

The Lollipipe is sold for $3.50 as an adult novelty toy, and you’re supposed to be 18 to buy one, but in some stores it’s sold right on the counter.

“This is candy? This is ridiculous. Every kid is thinking they can get high with mommy and daddy now,” said one outraged parent.

The company that manufactures the Lollipipe says it is geared toward adults and describes the product as unique, eco-friendly and edible.

In Indiana, the Lollipipes have been banned from 7-Eleven stores.

Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar
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Source: ABC 7

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