The Original Inventor* of the Jelly Belly®, Jelly Bean Debuts His Newest Line with First Two Collections

20 Aug

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Available to buy online in Australia from Moo-Lolly-Bar. To do that just click on this photo!David Klein*, credited by many as being the inventor of the Jelly Belly® Jelly Bean, in conjunction with Leaf Brands, LLC, debuts the most exclusive line of jelly beans in the world; David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™. His first line introduction are two carefully-chosen, hand-picked collections: David’s Master Selection™ and the ‘Sweet, Salty, Savory and Hot ™’ Collection.

Unlike traditional jelly beans currently found in the marketplace, David’s ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™ are the first true, ‘beyond gourmet’ product on the market. It’s the first confectionery product of its kind: blending exotic cuisine and luxury candy.

With David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™, consumers will be able to take a delicious sensory journey around the world, experiencing the world’s finest and most exotic spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and nuts specific to world cultures. David’s ‘Beyond Gourmet’ jelly beans will enable one to create haute cuisine and exotic dishes using the taste elements of each jelly bean. Imagine creating a Thai Lemongrass Curry or an Indian Mango Chutney dish by constructing complex dishes in your mouth, and giving it an explosion of taste that hits all your senses – you can do that with the jelly beans provided in the “Sweet, Salty, Savory and Hot” collection, and the recipes included.

The ‘Sweet, Salty, Savory and Hot” Collection, which is made of 100% natural jelly beans, will include the following 16 flavors: Bacon (Natural and kosher), Thai Chili, Habanero, Chipotle, Himalayan Sea Salt, Wasabi, Ginger, Mango, Pineapple, Guava, Coconut, Ruby Grapefruit, Banana, Pomegranate, Vanilla bean and Black Cherry. “What makes this line even more special is that we’re reuniting with Marich Confections, the sons of the original candy maker at Jelly Belly® who helped David create the original Jelly Belly®, Jelly Bean flavors,” Leaf Brands CEO Ellia Kassoff said. Marich will be manufacturing David’s Signature product.

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The second product in the line, ‘David’s Master Selection’™, offers the best flavors from the world’s gourmet jelly bean manufacturers such as SurfSweets®, Just Born®, Marich® and Gimbals® in one box. The 16 flavors in the line were hand-picked and selected from David himself, THE jelly bean guru, and these are his favorite flavors among all that are produced in the world.

According to Kassoff, “David Klein was the original inventor of the whole gourmet jelly bean candy segment when he created Jelly Belly® gourmet jelly beans, so it a great idea of ours to have David pick the world’s best flavored gourmet jelly beans in the world. We wanted to create the “best of the best” so the consumer will get to sample the world’s greatest flavors. It’s really exciting for us.”

*David Klein is no longer officiated with The Jelly Belly Company

About Leaf Brands, LLC: The original LEAF Brands were started in the 1920’s. LEAF Brands, once the fourth largest candy producer in North America, brought candy classics such as Whoppers® and Jolly Rancher® to the marketplace. Members of the Leaf family have assembled together once again to revive the Leaf name and its famous image after the US division was sold to The Hershey Corporation in 1996 and left the United States. Products include Astro Pops®, Yummers!™, Farts™ and David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet™ products.

Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar
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Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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