Jamie Green becomes fourth person to uncover golden key in Caramilk chocolate bar

12 Aug

Jamie Green becomes fourth person to uncover golden key in Caramilk chocolate barJamie Green of Riverview has the chance of winning up to $250,000 within the next few months – just as long as he can keep a secret.

Jamie Green, 29, a truck driver from Riverview, has just found a golden key inside a Caramilk chocolate bar and will be flown to the Cadbury factory in Toronto in September for a one-in-10 chance of winning a $250,000 prize.

The 29-year old truck driver recently became the fourth Canadian, and second New Brunswicker, to uncover a golden key in a Caramilk chocolate bar. Jamie picked up the bar at a Sobeys store in Montague, P.E.I early last week during one his runs for work, and indicated that he gets them often because “they keep me energized.”

He said he wasn’t completely sure what to think of the shimmering object underneath the chocolate, preferring to bring it back to Riverview to inspect it more closely with his girlfriend.

“I wanted to wait and look at it with her, and she kind of knew the story behind it,” he said yesterday.

This golden key is only one of 10 that can be found in Caramilk bars throughout the country, part of the chocolatier’s Key to the Secret contest that could prove especially lucrative for Jamie.

In September, the 10 lucky key holders – there are six keys left to be found – will be whisked off to Caramilk’s factory in Toronto, where one of the 10 keys will open a vault that unlocks the so-called Caramilk secret.

The lucky winner automatically receives $125,000, but here’s the catch. If the newly-rich chocolate lover can keep their winnings a secret for six months and return the envelope containing the Caramilk secret, they will see their earnings double to $250,000.

“I could keep that secret,” said Jamie on the possibility that his key might be “the one.”

To date, the other keys found were discovered by a man in Leduc, Alberta, a woman in Ottawa, and Nora Ward, a 63-year old great-grandmother from Esgenoopetitj First Nation in New Brunswick.


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In keeping with its contest’s theme, each time a golden key is discovered, Caramilk sends in its “Secret Squad” to carry out an investigation to ensure that the key is legitimate and that the key-holder is aware of the rules they must follow to keep the secret.

A member of the squad, who preferred to be identified only as Agent N, was in the area yesterday investigating Jamie’s claim and said two keys being found in a short span of time in the same province does raise a red flag.

“That is why we are carrying out this investigation,” said Agent N over the phone, heading to P.E.I. in order to retrace Jamie’s steps. “Two keys in a row in the same province is potentially amazing, but also potentially concerning.”

Jamie, who says he remains excited but shocked, already knows what he’ll do with the money should he be in possession of the coveted key that opens the Caramilk vault.

“I’d like to put some money down on a house,” he said.

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Source and Photo: Times & Transcript


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