Cops Trying To Solve Candy Caper

4 Jul

Hershey Milk Chocolate. Available to buy online in Australia from To go there just click on this photo!It’s never OK to steal candy from children, especially when they’re asleep.

Greenville Police are investigating a case of an early-morning candy caper, as they say broke into the concession stand at the baseball park of the local Jackie Robinson league.

A police report shows someone kicked in the front door of the concession stand Wednesday shortly after 5 a.m. and stole more than $150 worth of candy bars.

The thief stole 40 Hershey’s with Almonds candy bars, 36 Milky Way bars, 40 Snickers bars and 36 Twix bars, according to the police report.

The report also shows a listing for an “unknown amount of Laffy Taffy and bubble gum” stolen from the facility.

“My first thought was ‘well it’s happening again all over, brother,'” concession stand manager and little league president Howard Pearce said. “We had a previous break-in five years ago.”

Pierce received a wake-up call from the alarm system shortly after 5 a.m. He arrived to the scene to find police officers and the door kicked in all the way.

“I don’t think a small kid could have made that much of an impact to knock in a steel door,” said Pearce, who added that if a kid did indeed steal the candy, it would only be hurting the baseball league.

“The money we generate we give back to the kids,” Pearce said. “It was more disheartening to think that it’s coming from our bottom line.”

Greenville Parks and Recreation has already replaced the door to the concession stand. Pearce said he was grateful, despite the door not matching the original color scheme.

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Source: WCTI 12
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