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Chocoholic Hershey, Pa. still sweet as ever

31 Jul

A Hershey chocolate character at Hersheypark.After more than a century, the town that chocolate built still makes its namesake confection and remains a candy lover’s nirvana.

Billed as the “Sweetest Place on Earth,” the company town has grown over the last century to include a theme park, visitors center, museum, gardens, hotels and restaurants that celebrate all things chocolate.

Last year the Hershey Co. announced plans to move production from the 1905 plant built by Milton S. Hershey in downtown Hershey to a new facility on the outskirts of town. But despite the factory’s imminent relocation, the town still smells of cocoa, and chocolate remains the constant theme in everything, including rides, shows, tours, spa treatments, candy classes and dinner entrees.

Hersheypark, the best-known attraction in town, offers walk-around candy bar characters, a Reese’s peanut butter cup-themed interactive dark ride and an observation tower covered in giant Hershey Kisses. The park, which combines the attention to detail of Disney with the coaster collection of Six Flags, even issues chocolate currency in $1, $5 and $10 denominations.

Chocolate World, Hershey’s visitors center, features chocolate tasting, candy-bar making, a cocoa-scented 3-D show, a ride-through tour of the company’s history and, of course, free samples.

During the Chocolate Tasting Adventure at Chocolate World, visitors learn to detect 15 flavor notes, from woodsy and floral to fruity and buttery in a sample-filled tasting session.


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At the corner of Cocoa and Chocolate Avenues, the Hershey Story museum recounts the life of Hershey the man while taking visitors through a Chocolate Lab for hands-on demonstrations and offering chocolate-tasting classes

In the Chocolate Lab at the museum, students learn the difference between dark, milk and white chocolate in a hands-on class that teaches how to temper, mold, dip and make chocolate.

At the Countries of Origin Chocolate Tasting class at the museum, visitors become cocoa connoisseurs by drinking samples of fruity African chocolate and caramel-infused Indonesian chocolate.

The 23-acre Hershey Gardens, which opened in 1937, is filled with flora with chocolate scents, names and colors.

In its 10th year, the Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey offers chocolate fondue body wraps, cocoa facial masks and whipped chocolate milk baths. The $500, five-hour Chocolate Decadence service includes all of the above plus a sugar scrub, cocoa massage and a chocolate martini.

The chocolate craze extends to signature entrees at Hershey’s hotels at the resort, such as cocoa-dusted venison loin and pork chops with chocolate barbecue sauce. And of course, no meal would be complete in “Chocolatetown, USA” without dessert — including white chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cream pie.

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Source: LA Times


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Nestlé global workshop advances sustainability in product design

30 Jul

Nestlé global workshop advances sustainability in product designInternational experts met in the United States last week to take part in a global Nestlé workshop to advance sustainability in product design and packaging.

The five day event at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California – one of the world’s leading design schools – brought together college academics, independent sustainability specialists and members of Nestlé’s Global Research and Development (R&D), Brand Communication and Product Design networks.

The aim was to embed sustainability into designers’ thinking from the beginning of the design process.

Topics ranged from current sustainability initiatives at Nestlé, to the challenges facing the consumer goods industry as a whole, and the latest design practices.

In addition, experts examined how current consumer and design trends might lead to opportunities for the Company to develop more sustainable products, services and systems.

Gordon Lane, Head of R&D Global Industrial Design for Nestlé, explained the workshop’s focus on sustainability and said: “Sustainability is part of the overall business solution and something that designers must consider from the outset.

“By using ‘life cycle assessment’ tools, developed in collaboration by our scientists at the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland, we have the opportunity to consider the total social and environmental impact of our designs.

“In this way, we are connecting science and design to responsibly support Nestlé on a global basis.”


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Nestlé’s life cycle assessment approach – led by its R&D network and conducted by independent external consultants – systematically examines the environmental impact of its products; from ingredient sourcing, to processing, manufacturing, consumer use of the product and its packaging.

The Company also uses a selection of simplified eco-design tools – such as the Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool (PIQET) developed by the Sustainable Packaging Alliance – to produce relevant life cycle data much earlier on in the product development process.

These can quickly provide Nestlé’s designers with the information required to create new product designs, or to renovate existing ones to reduce their environmental impact.

A recent example is Nestlé NaturNes babyfood, which was initially packaged in a glass pot. This has now been replaced with a more energy efficient plastic one to significantly reduce CO2 emissions across the value chain.

Developing a visual language

Linking almost 30 designers based worldwide in countries including France, Germany, China, Singapore and the United States, the Nestlé Global Product Design network is unique for a food and beverage company of its kind.

Appointed to the Company through R&D, designers are also often assigned to a specific product category, such as ready-to-drink beverages, or confectionery.

As Mr Lane explained, it is a structure which enables the Company to connect design not only with the science of sustainability but also with important insights into consumers’ understanding of it.

He added: “We are working with Nestlé’s Brand Communication specialists, as well as experts from the Art Center in Pasadena, to develop new ways of visually communicating the benefits of sustainability to consumers.”

“Through the language of design, we can transform complex science into something friendly and easy for consumers to understand.”

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N.Y. grocery turns to scent marketing

29 Jul

A supermarket chain thinks the fastest way to its customers’ pockets is through their noses, so it’s filling up the aisles with intoxicating, artificial food aromas to entice customers to buy.

A Net Cost supermarket in Brooklyn, N.Y., has specialized scent machines mounted on its walls that fill the air with a never-ending scent of decadent milk chocolate or fresh-baked bread, among other scents.

The Brooklyn supermarket has five of the machines, including a grapefruit smell in the produce section, chocolate in the candy aisle and rosemary focaccia by the bakery.

“Early Show” Contributor Taryn Winter Brill reported ScentAir, the company responsible for these machines, offers 350 kinds of smells to choose from. The machines are part of a marketing campaign that targets a shopper’s sense of smell. But if you’d like to create your own original scent, it will cost you $5,000.

The store’s merchandise coordinator, Angelina Khristichenko, says she installed the machines two months ago after hearing about them overseas.

“I think because of these machines it makes customers hungrier,” she said.

Brill explained the goal is simple – make customers hungry, and in turn, they’ll open up their wallets.

Sales in the grocery’s produce department, Brill reported, have gone up at least seven percent. So with each machine costing $99 a month, this market says it’s made a good investment.

Khristichenko told CBS News, “So far so good, everyone’s enjoying it, everyone loves it.”


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In the U.S., consumers spend an estimated $500 billion a year on food. With smell accounting for 75 percent of what we taste, Brill remarked there’s no denying a psychological effect.

Melvin Oatis, clinical supervisor of the New York University Child Study Center, said, “The sense of smell is so primal, it goes into an odor part of the brain before it can all register and it’s an unconscious wonderful thing that happens to you. So that sense of smell actually translates later into, ‘Oh, I wasn’t even hungry, but now I want popcorn.'”

But it isn’t the smell of fresh popcorn that’s overwhelming shoppers in this Brooklyn store – it’s smoked meat, among other scents.

When one woman learned that the smell of smoked meat wasn’t real in the meat department, she wasn’t bothered by the artificial scent because she said she liked the smell.

“It’s working,” she said.

On “The Early Show,” Brill added the Brooklyn supermarket says they also hand out free food samples so customers can actually taste products. With the scent machines, the market says it’s a winning combination.

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Source: CBS News

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