Made in America: From Candy to Candles, Companies Bring Jobs Home

30 Jun

Mars Bars. Available to buy online in Australia from To go there just click on this photo!Today brought good news for candy lovers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with an American-made treat.

Mars Chocolate announced it’s building its first new chocolate factory in the U.S. in 35 years. The factory will be in Topeka, Kansas, a $250 million investment that will create 200 jobs immediately and possibly as many as a 1,000 jobs in the future.

“I hope it tells Americans that we can build jobs, and we can be highly competitive and the best. Consumed in the U.S., made in the U.S.,” said Mike Wittman, vice-president of supplies at Mars North America.

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback called the new facility, expected to be completed in 2013, “sweet news” for his home state, while the executives at Mars highlighted their desire to keep this new facility as efficient as possible.

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Source: ABC News

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