Red or Black? What Your Licorice Preference Says About You

6 Apr

Red Vines Licorice. Available to buy online in Australia from Just click on this photo to go there!Licorice is one of the most popular treats in America, and generations have enjoyed its satisfyingly sweet taste and chewy texture at the movies, at the office, on the road and in front of the TV. But the lines are drawn for most licorice customers when it comes to choosing: Black or Red? For some purists, licorice is defined by its distinctive black color and deep, rich licorice/anise flavor. For others, the only licorice for them is red, twisted and fruity.

The American Licorice Company (maker of Red Vines® licorice) is curious to find out what’s behind this riddle. The nearly 100-year old candy maker who manufactures both a black and red version of its iconic licorice wants to know: Are those who prefer red licorice more playful, spontaneous or romantic? Or do they identify themselves as practical and industrious? Are black licorice fans more likely to travel the world or be content in their own backyards? The Licorice Personality Survey is available online and everyone is invited to visit the site and fill out the survey. The results will be announced on Tuesday, April 12, to coincide with this year’s National Licorice Day.

“People have a very personal connection to the candy they choose, which is evident by the flood of Twitter tweets and Facebook updates we see every day,” noted Michael Kelly, Consumer Communications Manager at the American Licorice Company. “Licorice lovers, especially those loyal to Red Vines twists, are fanatical about their candy, and we want to find out more about those who choose red versus those who choose black.”

American Licorice Company will celebrate National Licorice Day on April 12, with a consumer sweepstakes running from April 1 – 12 on the Red Vines Facebook Page where 100 Grand Prize Winners will win Candy Prize Packs and Movie Tickets.

Article posted by Spencer Samaroo, Managing Director, Moo-Lolly-Bar
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Source: PR Newswire

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